《Privacy Policy Statement》

Helpbe Limited and/or its mobile application Helpbe and/or its website and/or its sub-domains (hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Helpbe”) pledges to meet fully with the requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, Chapter 486 of the Laws of Hong Kong. In doing so, Helpbe will ensure compliance by its staff to the strictest standards of security and confidentiality in respect of all personal information and data submitted by users via Helpbe, and Helpbe will not release such information to anyone without the prior consent of the relevant user(s) (whether registered or not) (“User(s)”) except to the authorized persons listed under Section 3 below titled “Disclosure or Transfer of Data”.
Users are strongly recommended to read this Privacy Policy carefully to have an understanding of Helpbe’s policy and practices with regard to the treatment of personal information and data provided by the Users. This Privacy Policy is applicable to both registered and non-registered Users, and the provisions herein may be updated, revised, varied and/or amended from time to time as Helpbe deems necessary.
If Users have questions or concerns regarding this Privacy Policy, they should first contact Helpbe, whose contact details are set out on its mobile application Helpbe and its website.
1.Purpose of Collection of Personal Data
A.In the course of using Helpbe, Users may disclose or be asked to provide personal information and/or data. In order to have the benefit of and enjoy various services offered by Helpbe, it may be necessary for Users to provide their personal information and/or data. Although Users are not obliged to provide the information and/or data as requested, Helpbe will not be able to render certain services in the event that Users fail to do so.
B.Helpbe’s purposes for collection of information and data include but not limited to the following:
i.for the daily operation of the services provided to Users;
ii.to identify Users who have posted advertisements, materials, messages, photos, views or comments or such other information (collectively “Information”) on Helpbe;
iii.to identify Users who have viewed the Information posted on Helpbe;
iv.to provide Users with the services of Helpbe;
v.to verify the identity of Users who have used services provided by Helpbe;
vi.to handle and follow up service calls, enquiries, requests and complaints;
vii.to provide Users with event information, marketing and promotional materials (for further details, please refer to paragraph 4 headed “Subscription of Newsletter/Promotional Materials/Marketing Materials” below);
viii.to assist Users who are seeking employment to find job vacancies with employers who have placed job advertisements (“Job Ad”) via Helpbe;
ix.to let Users search for Job Ad(s) via Helpbe;
x.to identify Users who have enjoyed their benefits of Helpbe by using marketing and promotional materials;
xi.to provide Users with platforms and forum for posting photos, sharing and discussing their insights;
xii.to contact Users regarding administrative notices and communications relevant to the Users’ account maintained with Helpbe (if any), and/or regarding notifications and confirmation in connection with their uses of any of the services offered by Helpbe;
xiii.to design, develop and improve products and services provided to Users;
xiv.to compile and analyze aggregate statistics about the Users’ use of Helpbe and service usage by the Users for Helpbe’s internal use;
xv.to facilitate Helpbe to use the Users’ personal data for purposes relating to the provision of services offered by Helpbe and marketing services, special events and/or promotions of Helpbe and/or its clients;
xvi.to enforce the Terms and Conditions and other rights of Helpbe;
xvii.to comply with legal obligations and as otherwise agreed by Users as required or permitted by applicable law;
xviii.for any other purposes relating to the purposes stated above.
C.If the User is under the age of 13, Helpbe strongly recommends him/her to seek prior consent from a person with parental responsibility for him/her, e.g. parent or guardian, who may contact Helpbe for registering the User account.
D.Helpbe strives to only collect personal data which is necessary and adequate but not excessive in relation to the purposes set out hereinabove. 
E.If Helpbe requires the use of Users’ personal data for a purpose other than those set out hereinabove, Helpbe may request the Users’ prescribed consent to the same. If User is an underage, the prescribed consent should be given by his/her parent or guardian.
2.Collection of Personal Data
A.Helpbe may collect personal information and/or data about a User such as his/her name, log-in ID and password, address, email address, phone number, age, sex, date of birth, country of residence, nationality, education level and work experience that is/are not otherwise publicly available. Occasionally, Helpbe may also collect additional personal information and/or data from a User in connection with contests, surveys, special offers or their responses to Job Ad. 
B.Helpbe automatically collects some information from Users’ computers or devices when Users visit Helpbe. For instance, Helpbe will collect Users’ IP address, web browser software and referring websites. Helpbe may also collect information about Users’ activities conducted via Helpbe, such as content viewed, pages visited, responses, locations visited, photos posted, links shared, and searches and/or services used. 
C.When Users use Helpbe on a device, Helpbe will additionally collect information about the Users’ location if Users have set their devices to send such information to Helpbe via the privacy settings on their devices, or if Users have uploaded photos tagged with information regarding their location. Helpbe may use the information regarding the location collected from the Users’ devices or photos to enhance their use of Helpbe by providing them with relevant content. 
D.In connection with the use of any service via Helpbe who is not a registered User of Helpbe, Helpbe will collect and store personal information and/or data about such User, including his/her name, address and phone number. 
E.Only duly authorized staff of Helpbe will be permitted to access the Users’ personal information and data, and Helpbe shall not release such personal information and data to any third parties save and except for the circumstances listed out under the Section 3 entitled “Disclosure or Transfer of Data” below.
3.Disclosure or Transfer of Data 
A.Helpbe agrees to take all practicable steps to keep all personal information and data of Users confidential and/or undisclosed, subject to the following. Generally speaking, Helpbe will only disclose and/or transfer Users’ personal information and/or data to Helpbe’s personnel and staff for the purposes as set out in Section 1. titled “Purpose of Collection of Personal Data” above. However, Helpbe may disclose and/or transfer such information and/or data to third parties under the following circumstances:
i.where the information and/or data is disclosed and/or transferred to any third party suppliers or external service providers who have been duly authorized by Helpbe to use such information and/or data and who will facilitate the services on Helpbe, (including without limitation the companies which have connected to Helpbe’s marketing and promotion events), who are under a duty of confidentiality;
ii.where the information and/or data is disclosed and/or transferred to any agents or associates of Helpbe who have been duly authorized by Helpbe to use such information and/or data;
iii.where permitted under the “Terms and Conditions”;
iv.where Helpbe needs to protect and defend its rights and property;
v.where Helpbe considers necessary to do so in order to comply with the applicable laws and regulations, including without limitation compliance with a judicial proceeding, court order, or legal process served on Helpbe;
vi.where Helpbe deems necessary in order to deliver the services that Helpbe offer and to maintain and improve the services on Helpbe;
vii.where Helpbe may disclose or transfer Users’ information to a third party if Helpbe sells, transfers, divests, or discloses all or a portion of its business or assets to another company in connection with or during negotiation of any merger, financing, acquisition, bankruptcy, dissolution, transaction, or proceeding. Such third party will have to comply with the appropriate confidentiality and security measures.
B.Personal data collected via Helpbe may be transferred, stored and processed in any country in which Helpbe operate. By using Helpbe, Users are deemed to have agreed to, consented to and authorized Helpbe to disclose and/or transfer their personal information and data under the circumstances stated above, as well as to any transfer of information (including the Information) outside of the Users’ country.
4.Subscription of Newsletters / Promotional Materials / Marketing Materials
A.Helpbe may from time to time send to Users of Helpbe, by way of emails and/or short message service (SMS) notifications, newsletters, marketing and promotional materials and information regarding Helpbe or its third-party advertisers’ products, services and the like based on the personal information and data that the Users have provided to Helpbe. Helpbe may use Users’ data in direct marketing and Helpbe requires the Users’ consent (which includes an indication of no objection) for that purpose. In this connection, please note that:
i.the name, log-in ID and password, contact details, age, sex, date of birth, country of residence, nationality, education level and work experience of Users held by Helpbe from time to time may be used by Helpbe and/or its authorised personnel or staff in direct marketing;
ii.the following classes of services, products and subjects may be marketed:
a.special events hosted by Helpbe for Users, including but not limited to courses, workshops, and competitions;
b.reward, loyalty or privileges programmes and related Services (stated in Terms and Conditions);
c.special offers including coupons, discounts, and promotional campaigns;
d.Services offered by Helpbe and its advertisers (the names of such entities can be found in the relevant advertisements and/or promotional or marketing materials for the relevant products and services, as the case may be);
e.donations and contributions for charitable and/or non-profit making purposes;
f.the above Services and subjects may be provided or (in the case of donations and contributions) solicited by Helpbe;
g.third party service providers providing the products, services and subjects listed in paragraph (ii) above; and charitable or non-profit marking organizations;
5.Job Applications
A.Responding to a Job requires Users to fill in mandatory fields, for example, full name, telephone number and email address (“Contact Information”) so that Employers can contact and identify such Users. Such User’s Contact Information will be stored in Helpbe.
6.Log Files
A.When Users access Helpbe, Helpbe may record their visits. Helpbe’ server software will also record the domain name server address and track the pages the Users visit and store such information, and gather and store information like internet protocol (IP) addresses, browser type, referring/exit pages, operating system, date/time stamp, and clickstream data in log files. All these are done without the Users being aware that they are occurring. 
B.Helpbe, third-party vendors and service providers engaged by Helpbe inform, optimize, and serve marketing materials based on the Users’ past visits to or uses of Helpbe. 
C.Helpbe generally uses such automatically collected information and data to estimate the audience size of Helpbe, gauge the popularity of various parts of Helpbe, track Users’ movements and number of entries in Helpbe’s promotional activities and special events, measure Users’ traffic patterns and administer Helpbe. Such automatically collected information and data will not be disclosed save and except in accordance with the Section 3 titled “Disclosure or Transfer of Data”.
7.Links to Other Websites / Media Platforms / Applications
A.Helpbe may provide links to other websites / media platforms / applications which are not owned or controlled by Helpbe. Personal information and data from Users may be collected on these other websites / media platforms / applications when Users visit such websites / media platforms / applications and make use of the services provided therein. Where and when Users decide to click on any advertisement or hyperlink on Helpbe which grants Users access to another website / media platforms / applications, the protection of Users’ personal information and data which are deemed to be private and confidential may be exposed in these other websites / media platforms / applications. 
B.Users who gain access to Helpbe via their accounts in online social networking are deemed to have consented to the terms of this Privacy Policy, and such Users’ personal data which they have provided to those networking tools may be obtained by Helpbe and be used by Helpbe and its authorized persons in and outside of the User’s country for the purpose of providing services and marketing materials to the Users. 
C.If a User logins to Helpbe with his/her other online social networking accounts, Helpbe will collect and store the User’s personal profile and information, such as User’s name, profile picture, gender, friend list, email address which the User has chosen to make available to Helpbe. This User is deemed to have consented to Helpbe and its authorized personnel’s access and use of his/her personal data so obtained for the purposes as stipulated under Clause 1 above and/or share their personal data pursuant to Clause 3 above, subject to the other provisions of the Privacy Policy. 
D.This Privacy Policy is only applicable to Helpbe. Users are reminded that this Privacy Policy grants no protection to Users’ personal information and data that may be exposed on websites / media platforms / applications other than Helpbe, and Helpbe is not responsible for the privacy practices of such other websites / media platforms / applications. Users are strongly recommended to refer to the privacy policy of such other websites / media platforms / applications. For the avoidance of doubt, Helpbe assumes no responsibility or liability for Users’ use of such other websites / media platforms / applications.
A.The security of Users’ personal information and data is important to Helpbe. Helpbe will always strive to ensure that Users’ personal information and data will be protected against unauthorized access. Helpbe has implemented appropriate electronic and managerial measures in order to safeguard, protect and secure Users’ personal information and data. 
B.All personal information and data provided by Users are only accessible by the authorized personnel of Helpbe or its authorized third parties, and such personnel shall be instructed to observe the terms of this Privacy Policy when accessing such personal information and data. Users may rest assured that their personal information and data will only be kept for as long as is necessary to fulfill the purpose for which it is collected, unless Users request Helpbe to cease to hold the same or terminate his/her account with Helpbe. Such request may render Helpbe unable to further provide its services, information and/or promotional materials for your benefit in the future. 
C.Users should safeguard his/her unique Username and Password by keeping it secret and confidential and never share these details with anyone. 
D.Helpbe uses third party payment gateway service providers to facilitate electronic transactions on Helpbe. Regarding sensitive information provided by Users, such as credit card number for completing any electronic payment transactions, the web browser and third party payment gateway directly communicate such information using secure socket layer technology (SSL). Credit card information provided by any Users is not collected or stored by Helpbe or the Users who provide services and products via Helpbe. 
E.Helpbe follows generally accepted industry standards to protect the personal information and data submitted by Users to Helpbe, both during transmission and once Helpbe receives it. However, no method of transmission over the Internet, or method of electronic storage, is 100% secure. Therefore, while Helpbe strives to protect Users’ personal information and data against unauthorized access, Helpbe cannot guarantee its absolute security.
9.Access to or request for correction of data
A.Helpbe would like to help Users keep his/her personal information accurate and up-to-date. To view or edit personal information that has been stored at Helpbe, please visit Users’ account of Helpbe. 
B.Free of charge Users may edit or amend their personal information directly through their accounts. Pro-users may edit or amend their personal information by the mean of uploading required documents for investigation by Helpbe and such investigating process requires one working day.
10.Retention of Personal Data
A.Once Helpbe has obtained a User’s personal information and/or data, it will be maintained securely in Helpbe’s system. Subject to legal requirements, the personal information and/or data of Users will be retained by Helpbe until the User requests Helpbe in writing to erase his/her own personal information and/or data from Helpbe's database or to terminate his/her membership of Helpbe.
11.Changes in this Privacy Policy
A.Helpbe reserves the right to update, revise, modify or amend this Privacy Policy in the following manner at any time as Helpbe deems necessary and Users are strongly recommended to review this Privacy Policy frequently. If Helpbe decides to update, revise, modify or amend this Privacy Policy, Helpbe will post those changes to its mobile application and website and/or other places Helpbe deems appropriate so that Users would be aware of what information Helpbe collects, how Helpbe uses it, and under what circumstances, if any, Helpbe discloses it. 
A.Should there be any inconsistency between the English version and any version in other language, the English version shall always prevail.
A.If there is any query, please contact Helpbe.


Helpbe Limited和/或其手機應用程式和/或其網頁和/或關聯公司(統稱“Helpbe”) 承諾遵守香港法例第486章“個人資料(私隱)條例”的規定。Helpbe將確保其員工對用戶通過Helpbe提交的所有個人信息和數據遵守最嚴格的安全和保密標準。不經Helpbe用戶同意(無論註冊與否)( 簡稱“用戶”),Helpbe不會向任何人洩露此等個人資料,惟以下第3條“資料的披露或傳遞”中列出的獲授權人士除外。
B.當用戶登入Helpbe時,Helpbe會自動從用戶的電腦或設備收集信息。 例如,Helpbe將收集用戶的IP位址,網頁瀏覽器軟體和推介網站。Helpbe還可能收集有關通過Helpbe進行的用戶活動的訊息,如已瀏覽的網頁和瀏覽的內容、回應、到過的位置、上傳的相片、分享的連結、以及搜索和/或所使用的服務。
C.當用戶利用設備使用Helpbe時,如用戶將私隱設置把其所在位置的信息發送到Helpbe,或如用戶上傳了標明其所在位置的信息的照片,Helpbe將會另外收集有關用戶所在位置的信息。 Helpbe可能會使用由該用戶設備或照片收集得來標明其所在位置的信息,向該用戶提供相關的資訊以促進其使用Helpbe的體驗。
E.只有Helpbe授權的員工才會被允許接觸用戶的個人資料和數據,除了下述第3條 “資料的披露或傳遞” 所列出的情況外,Helpbe不得向任何第三方披露此等個人資料和數據。
A.根據下列條款,Helpbe將採取各種可行措施以保障所有用戶個人資料和數據免其遭披露。一般來說,Helpbe只將用戶的個人資料和/或數據披露和/或提供予Helpbe內部員工用作上述第一項“收集個人資料的目的” 內提及的目的。然而,在下列情況下,Helpbe可能會將其資料和/或數據傳遞給第三方:
d.由Helpbe和其廣告商提供的產品和服務 (這些實體的名稱可以在相關的產品和服務的廣告和/或營銷材料相中找到,因具體情況而定) ;
g.第三方服務供應商提供上述第(ii)項所列的產品、服務和項目; 及慈善或非牟利機構。
7.連結到其他網站 / 媒體平臺 / 應用程式
A.Helpbe會提供非Helpbe擁有或控制的其他網站 / 平臺 / 應用程式的連結。當用戶進入這些網站 / 平臺 / 應用程式和使用其提供的服務時,該用戶的個人資料和/或數據可能會在這些網站 / 平臺 / 應用程式中被收集。當用戶決定點擊Helpbe上允許用戶進入另一個網站 / 平臺 / 應用程式的任何廣告或超連結,該用戶的私密保護個人資料可能會顯露在這些其他網站 / 平臺 / 應用程式中。
D.本私隱政策只適用於Helpbe。在此要提醒用戶,本私隱政策並不會對用戶顯露於其他網站 / 平臺 / 應用程式的個人資料數據而提供保障。有見及此,Helpbe強烈建議用戶應參考該等網站 / 平臺 / 應用程式的私隱政策。為免存疑,Helpbe不會就用戶使用該等其他網站 / 平臺 / 應用程式承擔任何責任或義務。
A.當Helpbe認為必要時,Helpbe有權隨時按以下方式更新、修改、修訂或更改本私隱政策,強烈建議用戶頻繁地查看本隱私政策。若Helpbe決定更新、修改 、修訂或更改本私隱政策,Helpbe將在其手機應用程式及網頁和/或其他Helpbe認為合適的地方發佈該等變更資訊,以便於用戶能夠及時瞭解Helpbe收集的資料、Helpbe如何使用, 以及在何種情況下Helpbe會披露該等資料。